Story of Cien Artist Village

Yuchi Wu

Owner and team leader


In its current incarnation, Ci’en Art Village is a non-profit social enterprise.

It had a previous life as a community kindergarten.

Founded in 1971 on 2000m2 of land in Hualien, eastern Taiwan.


The kindergarten provided a space for hundreds of kids to
learn, live, and play.

Over the course of more than thirty years, many a child of
Hualien was nurtured in our grounds and it holds a special place in the local
collective memory.


Times change, and in the end the kindergarten succumbed to
declining birth rates.

Finally closing its gates in 2010, spending the next ten years in a state of abandonment.


Times changed again in 2019.

Plans to turn the site into Ci’en Art Village began to form in the head of the landlord’s grandson, Yuchi Wu.

He returned to his hometown of Hualien after many years living abroad.

With the guidance of his friends, Yuchi and his team gradually launched his plan to convert the abandoned kindergarten into an artist village.

Our team’s dream and plan is to bring a brand new vitality to the Hualien area’s
contemporary art scene.

To offer a new, friendly platform for artists visiting from around the world, to stay, create, and share experiences together.


We hope that young artists flowing into Ci’en Art Village will bring new life to the old kindergarten and we look forward to collaborating with other art villages, social organizations and schools both in Taiwan and around the world.


We want to open the doors to people from disadvantaged backgrounds, students, and the local community, so that everyone can join in and help us create a space for contemporary art that exists in harmony with everyday local life in this laid-back town.

Hualien is a quiet, unassuming town, yet it is located amid incredible natural
scenery, wedged between the Pacific Ocean and the dramatic Central Mountain range of Taiwan, with the spectacular, marble-cliff Taroko gorge close by.


The town is already a popular stopover for nature-lovers, but we want to turn it into something more than that.

We want to make Hualien into a diverse, international meeting place for everyone who loves art, a place where art from around the globe can touch people’s hearts.


With all that Hualien has to offer, we at Ci’en Artist Village realize that we
have an opportunity to become a major center for international artistic collaboration.


Hualien’s beautiful natural scenery, relaxed pace of life, and
location as the gateway into Taiwan’s unique Eastern Rift Valley already
attract many Taiwanese and international artists, who come to tap into the area’s rich sources of creative inspiration.

Now, we want to invite as many international artists as possible to visit and stay as our guests and friends!



Location: Hualien, Taiwan

Availability: from now on!


Multiple independent studio spaces, free WIFI , kitchen , washing
machine and dryer, bathrooms, independent bedrooms, basement
yoga/dance/music studio, large garden, outdoor dining area, movie theater, indoor gymnasium...


Murals, illustration, performing art, lighting art, Installation art


Minimum Stay: one week

Send the application file to our email:

Please include past works and a brief bio.


Contact us for more information, by email or by calling Yuchi’s phone number:

IG: @cienartistvillage

Below, you can find information about the facilities and services we are
excited to offer:


1. Free accommodation and working space.

We welcome visiting artists to contribute to our Artist Village

by running workshops or art events incollaboration with us,

and/or leaving behind some of their work to
our permanent collection.

2. Regular creative workshops and lectures taught by experts, open to guests
and local residents.


3. We can take part in any kind of collaboration and partnership with
international schools, communities, social enterprises, charity oganizations
etc. We want to fulfill our duty by benefiting society through promoting art.


4. We support musical artists who come here to create; we run regular musical


5. We hold art exhibitions, giving international guests a chance to experience
Taiwan’s art and culture.

6. We host a range of other cultural and entertaining events.


7.We help backpackers enjoy a richer travel experience during their time in
Hualien, by integrating the things that make Hualien unique into our space.


As we look forward to contributing more to the international exchange of ideas between artists by forming new collaborations and friendships with future partners,

we also look back at a wonderful beginning to the Ci’en Artist Village project.


Since June 2019, we have welcomed over 50 guests from 30 countries,

including many artists, musicians, poets, and travellers.

Together, we've made this Artist Village a living reality.
We have shared a wealth of experiences: film events, music jams,
art markets, and all kinds of performances, workshops, exhibitions, and so on.

We can’t wait to meet more people here at Ci’en Artist Village, and to share in the incredible value of cultural diversity, artistic creation and shared life experiences.

Introduction to the owner and team leader, Yu-chi Wu
EMBA from Taiwan National Dong Hwa University A native of Hualien,

Yuchi previously worked as a Vice-President at a logistics
company in Fujian Province, China, where he supervised the China-Taiwan
cross-straits youth startup park.

His work involved managing venture capital split between more than 60 youth-led enterprises operating between China and Taiwan.


In 2014, Yuchi stepped into a new role as chairman of the Hualien County youth entrepreneurship guidance committee, during which
time he launched the Hwa Dong Youth Entrepreneurship Platform, helping
provide guidance for over 100 young entrepreneurs.

Yuchi’s work gave him
ample experience organizing events, managing organizations, and taking care of administration tasks.


Recently Yuchi moved back to his hometown of Hualien to devote himself to running the Ci’en Artist Village.

His dream is to bring fresh life to the
abandoned kindergarten, and to create a lasting, long-term community
network powered by cyclical development and able to contribute to society.